Top Downloads & Most Active Indies – Week of June 4th, 2018

Top Downloads:

  1. Maroon 5 f. Cardi B “Girls Like You” (Interscope/Universal)
  2. Jess Moskaluke “Camouflage” (MDM/Dale Speaking Promo)
  3. Florida Georgia Line “Simple” (Big Machine)
  4. Dean Brody “Good Goodbye” (Open Road)
  5. The Heels “Fine By Me” (Indie/RPMpromo)
  6. Luke Bryan “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” (Capitol Nashville/Universal)
  7. Monster Truck “Evolution” (Dine Alone/Universal)
  8. Classified “She Ain’t Gotta Do Much” (Half Life/Universal)
  9. Pharrell Williams X Camila Cabello “Sangria Wine” (Columbia/Sony)
  10. Jennifer Lopez f. Cardi B & DJ Khaled “Dinero” (Epic/Sony)

Top Downloads are the most downloaded Singles during the given period.

Most Active Indies:

  1. The Heels “Fine By Me” (Indie/RPMpromo)
  2. Jess Moskaluke “Camouflage” (MDM/Dale Speaking Promo)
  3. Dean Brody “Good Goodbye” (Open Road)
  4. Delaney Jane “Bad Habits” (Indie/DMD Promo)
  5. Kieran Mercer “Outrun The Pain” (604/RPMpromo)
  6. Kelly Prescott “Leaving Her” (Edge/Pitbull Promo)
  7. Tiesto & Dzeko f. Preme & Post Malone “Jackie Chan” (Musical Freedom/DMD Promo)
  8. Me and Mae “Summerland” (Indie/Sharp 9 Promo)
  9. Tareya “Insomniac” (Indie/Sharp 9 Promo)
  10. Trevor Panczak “Cheap Shades” (Indie/R. Chubey Promo)

Most Active Indies are the most streamed and downloaded Singles during the given period on releases not directly promoted to radio by any of the major record companies.