Version 4.0

Today is the day! We have launched a new version of DMDS, called YANGAROO Advertising, which features an updated user interface, making the website easier to use on bigger screens, tablets, and mobile phones.

Logging on to DMDS in the morning and checking for the latest ads and videos is a daily occurrence, and we want to make sure you are able to do so just as easily with the updated interface. The basic functionality and the way things work will remain the same, but to make things straight forward, here is a quick guide with some pictures to help you along.


When you first login, you will be directed to your asset library, just as you had been before. The old Dashboard page has been eliminated, and all the release information you need is now available on a single page.

The four commands on the right enable you to take action on a release you are interested in, like downloading or viewing more details.


Just like before, you will need the DMDS Manager to download files (An up to date version can be found here: Windows, Mac). Each time you click to download a video, it is added to your download bin, which is displayed at the top of the screen. Items in your download bin are pushed to the DMDS App, where they are securely downloaded to your computer.

If you have any problems, please first check out the "Help" section on the top-right of the website. For further assistance, our technical support team is available at 1-(866)-992-9902 and