Stingray Country, a music video television channel dedicated to Country Music for Canadian TV subscribers, was recently launched and is available for submissions via DMDS! There’s nothing like the fan exposure and royalty potential of national TV airplay. So what are you waiting for? Submit your videos today. To submit to Stingray Country, login or sign up for a Yangaroo DMDS account here, and add it on the Destinations step (Pro account upgrade required).

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VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Half•Alive - Arrow

Half•Alive is a pop band with a lot to say. 

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VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Injury Reserve - Jawbreaker (Feat. Rico Nasty & Pro Teens)

The experimental Pop Rap group you’ve never heard of released a new video speaking directly to the Instagram generation, and they’re not mincing words. Jawbreaker by Injury Reserve is a straight on look at a streetwear fashion show, featuring their characteristic deadpan lyrical style over a minimalist musical score that sounds like it was created on a rainbow xylophone made for infants.

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