Video Views by JC: Toro Y Moi "Ordinary Pleasure"

The opening scene to Toro Y Moi’s music video ‘Ordinary Pleasure’ begins in a glowing red hall with an EXIT sign directly in front of you. There’s a familiar musical composition playing at a distance, but you can’t quite place it. The camera tracks forward as you turn the corner to see a man wearing a silver bomber jacket sitting at a white piano. Then it hits you- the music seemed familiar because it is, of course.

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Video Views by JC: Gunna "One Call"

Gunna - an up and coming at you fast rap artist, having already made a splash at Paris Fashion Week, is here to make another with his mermaid fantasy music video for single ‘One Call’.

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Video Views by JC: Vanlalchhanhima Ralte "Sex Machine"

Here at YANGAROO Music, we deliver lots of music videos, virtually every video that's submitted to TV for broadcast consideration. This one in particular has caught our attention. Vanlalchhanhima Ralte is back to once again capture your curiosity with his new track ’Sex Machine.’

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