VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Zayn Malik - Stand Still

Zayan Malik gifts us with an unexpected ode to planet Earth in the music video Stand Still. Released a timely fews days before Earth Day 2019, the second single from Malik’s album Icarus Falls uses imagery that could be taken straight out of the Greek myth it borrows it’s name from. Made up entirely of drone footage that puts the BBC to shame, hypnotically beautiful images of the Earth move slowly out of frame and vanish into the distance. A foreboding atmosphere develops as the first few notes tempo Malik’s uncharacteristically eerie vocals.

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VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Sebastian Mikael - Acid Part II

Existing in the space between a 70’s subway platform and a VR headset, R&B groover Sebastian Mikael’s music video for Acid Part II riddles with the question: what starts upside down, has no beginning, middle or end, and is over before you know it?

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VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Jack Harlowe feat. 2forwOyNE "Sylvia"

Jack Harlow of Louisville, Kentucky may seem an unlikely candidate for hip hop superstardom, but chances are you haven’t yet been introduced.

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